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EEPROM Burning

0x9540 -> 0x9520 to be able to use the below readers on a Mac


Works on the following IOGear CAC reader models:

GSR202, GSR202V, GSR203, & GSR205 (USB type C reader)

1.      Information

Some IOGear CAC readers have a firmware version that will not work on a Mac (0x9540), this page will show you how to change it to 0x9520, which will work on your Mac using a program called EepromMP.

2.      This procedure must be completed using a Windows computer (or Bootcamped Mac), it will not work using a virtual version of Windows (i.e. Parallels, VMware, or Virtual Box)

2.1    Install the AU9540_V1.7.2.0 driver (from the CD in the box), then plug in the GSR202, GSR202V, GSR203, or GSR205 to your Windows computer.  You may also download it from:

2.2    Double click EepromMP.exe found at:  AU9540 reader will look like Figure 1 Click the Setting button (DO NOT insert your CAC in the reader).

EEprom settings

Figure 1


2.3  Match your screen to the information below completely, and then click OK to go back to the main page. (Figure 2)

Setting screen

Figure 2



2.4    Click Write Eeprom to program the external EEPROM. (Figure 3)

Write Eeprom image

Figure 3



2.5  When write Eeprom is finished, a SUCCESS message will be displayed (Figure 4)

(DO NOT insert your CAC).  After the task is finished, click Cancel to quit the program


Figure 4


2.6  Unplug the reader, and then plug it back into your computer (very important step)!

2.7   You are finished.  Try your CAC reader on your Mac now.

If you have any problems with your reader, please contact IOGear.

If you have questions or suggestions for this site, contact Michael J. Danberry



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