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The Army retired AKO on Saturday 26 June 2021


Some logon features have been moved to:


Links previously found on AKO have been replicated here:



If you are getting ready to retire please check out the 'retiring' page.  I want to make sure you understand you will no longer have access to your Enterprise Email.


AKO transitions to next-generation enterprise services (3 June 2013)




Question 1:  Why can't I log into AMID (Army Management Identification) with my CAC?


Answer 1: Follow the guidance in this PDF.





Question 2:  "There is a problem with this website security certificate" error.  Your options are listed as  "Click here to close this webpage" or "Continue to this website" where it states it is not recommended.


Answer 2:  Latest DoD Certificates are needed, download and install them here






Question 3:  How do I contact the AESD (Army Enterprise Service Desk))


Answer 3:  All contact information is located here:    

a.  Commercial:  866-335-ARMY(2769)





Question 4:  Receive "Insert card" when attempting to access AKO, DTS, OWA or any other CAC enabled website when your CAC is inserted in the CAC reader and you can see it through ActivClient.


Answer 4.1:  Open Internet Explorer, Click Tools, Internet options, content (tab), certificates (button) and delete all the certificates listed.  Remove, then Re-insert your CAC into the reader, your certificates should automatically reload.  If they don't, open ActivClient, click Tools, Advanced, and select Make Certificates available to Windows.


Answer 4.2:  Follow this PDF for correcting the settings in your Internet Explorer






Question 5:  My email address is incorrect on my CAC, How can I fix it?


Answer 5.1:  Visit this website:, select Replace Certificate

NOTE: You have to logon to the site with your CAC.  Visual steps 


An Air Force Major sent this:  "When I tried to access the CAC User Maintenance Portal on a Windows 7 computer, the Java failed; however, when I tried the same thing on my Windows 7 computer at work (.mil domain), Java still failed but I got a popup dialog that told me I had to use the 64-bit version of IE and Java.  When I started a browser session with the 64-bit IE, I was able to get to the User Maintenance Portal just fine."


Answer 5.2:  You can also visit an ID card office




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