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Remote Access Portal image

Via a Windows Computer

Note: Accessing the USAR RAP will keep your ARNet account active between Battle Assemblies (BA).  You do need to [already] have an ARNet account before attempting to access.  If you don't have an ARNet account, Army Reserve Soldiers can request one via: NO LONGER accessible from regular internet, meaning you will have to go to your Reserve Unit now to request an account.  (You need to have your AKO username and password handy).

NOTE: For problems or questions regarding your ARNet account, call the Army Enterprise Service Desk-Reserve


Mac Users go here



Accessing the USAR RAP requires the following pre-access steps listed below and an active Army Reserve Network (ARNet) account before continuing. 


If you can already access your email from your computer, you may already have PreAccess 1-4 complete, but still need to complete PreAccess 5.


Pre usage Steps
PreAccess 1:   Have a CAC Reader
PreAccess 2:   Install the DoD Certificates
PreAccess 3   (Windows 7 and below):  Use built in, or install ActivID
PreAccess 3   (Windows 8 / 8.1):  Use built in or ActivID
PreAccess 4   (Windows 10): Use built in or ActivID
PreAccess 5:   Internet Explorer Adjustments (including adding ''
                        to compatibility view settings)


Installation Steps:


Go to this web address:


Select your Email certificate, click OK

Pick Email certificate


After entering 6-8 digit CAC PIN, click OK

Entter PIN


Read the USARC Alert, then select Accept 

USARC Alert message


Select the I agree with the Citrix license agreement (box), then click Install

Install Citrix


Click down arrow (next to Save) and select Save and Run



Click Yes



Click Start

Welcome to citrix Receiver


Read the License Agreement, Click I accept the license agreement (box), then click Install

another license agreement


 It is now initializing and installing


Installing Receiver


Click Allow

Web page wants to run



Click Finish

Installation Successfull



Return to



Click Allow



Click the AR Desktop icon



Connecting to ARNet



Select your Email certificate, click OK

Pick Email certificate


After entering 6-8 digit CAC PIN, click OK

Enter PIN


Click OK

Verify CAC


Read US DoD Warning Statement, Click OK

Read Warning


Click Sign-in options

Pick Sign in Option


Click either of the smart card chip icons

Selecing Smart Card


Look for the 10 digit number@mil certificate, then enter PIN

Look for ID cert


Waiting to login to the ARNet

Please Wait


You are logging into a virtual version of your ARNet desktop



More information:

You can use Outlook on this virtual desktop.  Please wait about 5 minutes after you log into the server before clicking it, or it will fail.


Do not save any files on this desktop, as they will get deleted.  Save files to your network drives.


If you have problems with the Army Reserve Remote Access Portal, contact the help desk



If you have questions or suggestions for this site, contact Michael J. Danberry

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