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Common Access Card help for your

Personal Computer




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I have the ability to REMOTE to your Computer with the below programs [and your permission] to help you as if I were at your computer physically sitting with you.  These are the two tools we can use IF you are interested. 


PLEASE check my hours of availability prior to downloading the software below


MilitaryCAC uses

 TeamViewer image


Click the Download Software (button) and it will automatically detect your Operating System (OS)

Windows mini logapple mini log

download Software

Download Software



Windows mini log

Alternate TeamViewer (Use if above Download Software button is not working) (9.16MB)


apple mini log

Alternate TeamViewer (Use if above Download Software button is not working)
(Mac OS 10.8.5 & newer only) (26.8MB)

Mac OS 10.8.4 & older (23.0MB)





Chrome Remote Desktop image

Chrome Remote Desktop

Click the blue + ADD TO CHROME (button in top right corner)

Click on Add app

Double click Chrome Remote Desktop icon

You will have to sign into Chrome (which is your Google account)

Click OK, GOT IT

Click the two white monitors at the bottom

Click on Continue on the window

Click Get started on the Remote Assistance box

Click Share

Click Accept and Install

Select Run

If you want to know more about these programs before you and I use them, look at these links:

Chrome Remote Desktop
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